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Gloria Mindock, Editor   Issue No. 58   September, 2010


Welcome to the September, 2010 Newsletter!

I am writing this on September 2nd while waiting to see how close Hurricane Earl lands in regards to Boston. So far, it looks like it will hit the Cape and the islands. I imagine the category of the storm will be way down.

I have been extremely busy with the press and feel like a hurricane myself! Guess I am getting pretty silly here. Bill has been very busy with the press also. Two hurricanes can get so much done!

I have two interns, Jennifer LeBlanc and Jason Wright, helping me with the press. They are such a huge help and very good at what they do. I am so thankful for their help. They are both such a joy to work with. It has been really nice.


What May Have Been: Letters of Jackson Pollock and Dori G
by Gary Percesepe and Susan Tepper

What May Have Been Letters of Jackson Pollock and Dori G by Gary Percesepe and Susan Tepper

What May Have Been is a novel in letters exchanged between the artist Jackson Pollock and his fictional lover, a young woman called Dori G.

Gary Percesepe and Susan Tepper have created a luminous love story that takes place sometime during the late 1940's, in that sandy wonderland at the eastern tip of Long Island known as The Hamptons.

Advance Praise for What May Have Been

"In this extraordinary novel, Pollock tells his lover that things like paint and wives are very small in the scheme of things. Gary Percesepe and Susan Tepper show how the great scheme of things is, in fact, in literary art, captured in paint and wives and a Montauk surf and a silky scarf and narrow hips and a cold water flat and a used Ford. Brilliantly conceived, brilliantly executed, this is a stunning book about art and about life."
—Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of
A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

$15.00 | ISBN 978-0-9844732-8-1 | 104 Pages

Since the last newsletter, which was in July, we've had some new releases. They are:

Where Sanity Begins
by Hugh Fox

Where Sanity Begins by Hugh Fox

Hugh Fox is a 78 year old poet originally from Chicago, has spent most of his life teaching writing, American literature and film in Champaign-Urbana, Los Angeles, Caracas, Santa Catarina (Brazil), Buenos Aires, etc. He has 110 books published, his most recent being, The Collected Poetry of Hugh Fox, published last year by World Audience in New York.

(Poetry chapbook)

$7.00 | 57 Pages

Paul Celan and the Messiah's Broken Levered Tongue: An Exponential Dyad
by Daniel Y. Harris and Adam Shechter

Paul Celan and the Messiah's Broken Levered Tongue: An Exponential Dyad by Daniel Y. Harris and Adam Shechter

As Ron Sukenick so aptly put it in his last book "Mosaic Man," Jews are both proto and posthuman. Adam Shechter and Daniel Y. Harris are possessed of that molten globe of fiery perdition that draws the brighter children of the tribe to the flame. Add poetry and oy! What can I say? Shechter and Harris have made another journey to the hellchamber of Jewish mystery/creation/death and came out in company, a big company that includes a lot of fried geniuses, but most of all they came out, and it's good to see them.
—Andrei Codrescu (, is the author of The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara and Lenin Play Chess (Princeton University Press) and edits Exquisite Corpse at (www.

(Poetry chapbook)

$7.00 | 58 Pages

The next books released in our schedule will be:

  • Triage by Tam Lin Neville
  • Profound Uncertainties by Luis Raul Calvo/Translated by Flavia Cosma (This book was funded by the SUR Translation Support Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina which awarded Flavia Cosma and Cervena Barva Press funding.)
  • Everything Happens Suddenly by Roberta Swann
  • White As Silver by Rane Arroyo
  • Clear Eye Tea by Mary Bonina
  • Letters to Saïda by Denis Emorine

Chapbooks releases coming soon are:

  • The Happy Endings Support Group by Jendi Reiter (poetry chapbook winner, 2010)
  • Here and Abroad by Joan Gelfand (fiction Chapbook winner, 2010)
  • Elegiac: Footnotes to Rilke's Duino Elegies by Elaine Teranova

There are many more chapbooks and books in the works. You will see more releases in November and December.

In July, I was interviewed by Jim Harrington for his Blog. His blog is called, "Six Questions For…"
Please read how I answered the questions at:
Check out the other interviews. It is really interesting to read what other editors, authors, agents, and educators say about writing. I want to thank Jim Harrington for the interview.

Interviews will resume in October. There are so many coming up. I think you will really enjoy them.

Send me your poetry and fiction readings to list for Sept., Oct., Nov., and December.

Please check to make sure that we don't have it already on our readings page before sending it.
Please ONLY send this information:
Name of place/venue
Date and time

This is open to everyone in any part of the world. We will list it.

Coming soon-
X-Peri: An Experimental Magazine. I'll keep you posted!

The new issue of the Istanbul Literary Review will be out soon. Guluzar has been busy laying out the issue. What makes this issue so special is that ILR is celebrating its 5 year anniversary! I am so psyched and happy to be a part of the magazine and the ILR family. I'll send a notice around when it is out.

Congratulations to Etkin (ILR founder) and Songul who recently got married. Bill and I wish both of you the very best!!!!


Please visit the readings page:


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