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Gloria Mindock, Editor   Issue No. 57   July, 2010




Welcome to the July, 2010 Newsletter!

I hope everyone has a nice July 4th. Enjoy the fireworks!

June was my busiest month ever with being on small press panels, giving lectures and attending conferences. I had such a good time. Thank you to Susan Tepper, Catherine Parnell, Gian Lombardo, Marymount College/Manhattan, the William Joiner Center/UMass-Boston, T. Michael Sullivan, and all the panel members. It was great!

July promises to be an exciting month. We have the following chapbooks coming out:

  • Moments Around The Campfire With A Vietnam Vet by Thom Brucie
  • Paul Celan and the Messiah's Broken Levered Tongue: An Exponential Dyad by Daniel Y. Harris & Adam Shechter
  • Where Sanity Begins by Hugh Fox

Look for the following full-length books:

  • Everything Happens Suddenly by Roberta Swann
  • Letters to Saida by Denis Emorine

Bill and I have an intern working with us this summer. His name is Jason Wright. He is a poet and edits Odd Ball Magazine.
I met Jason when I spoke about Cervena Barva Press at Emerson College in Gian Lombardo's intensive publishing class. We are very happy to have him help us out this summer. He was recently interviewed by Doug Holder in the June 30th issue of The Somerville News. Check out his magazine at:

I am very excited to announce a new experimental magazine founded by Irene Koronas and myself called X-Peri. It is by solicitation only. Any work sent to us not solicited will be returned. Look for the first issue out this fall.

I no longer have Fridays off from my regular job. It will be an adjustment working 5 days again. I got spoiled. Years ago, I lost that day of work due to budget cuts.


A Letter to Serafin by John Minczewski
The University of Akron Press

ISBN: 978-1-931968-68-3
To order:

I just finished reading this book and totally loved it. It is so beautifully written. John is among my favorite writers and I always look forward to reading his work. I highly recommend this book and hope that many of you will order it. You will not be disappointed. It is amazing!


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