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Gloria Mindock, Editor   Issue No. 1   July, 2005


Welcome to the first newsletter of the press. The purpose of this newsletter is to share events, readings, interviews, books of interests, theatre productions, and whatever else is going on of interest. It is completely open for anyone to submit to.


Right now, literary contests seem to be a topic of debate. I was appalled to read in Poets & Writers that many presses/judges opted not to pick a winner when they hold contests. I find it hard to believe out of all those submissions they couldn't pick one. To me this is a case of take the money and run.

I am a writer myself, and I expect when I enter a contest, there will be a winner. There are many wonderful writers out there. I know this from editing a magazine for 10 years. I just don't understand this! These are good presses that have published some great writers. My intention here is not to down these presses. I am simply stating that I don't like their practices. I'm not rich so at times, I had to pick what contests to send to. I can't do them all.

Until these presses clean up their act, they won't be getting any of my money. If they start stating in their guidelines that they might not pick a winner, you can make your own choice whether to enter or not. I might take the chance and enter if this happen, but I doubt it.

I can assure anyone that enters any of my contests that there will always be a winner. I would like to say also that anyone who enters, will get a copy of the winning book. I have integrity and respect every writer. Without the writers, this press wouldn't be able to exist. So lets give Alan Cordle some credit for being a poetry watchdog. Check out On a kinder note, I believe most presses are honest, hard working, and do pick winners.


BluesUNION Live, July 8th, 8:00-11:00PM, Union Square, Somerville, MA

John M. Bennett and the Be Blank Consort are giving a performance at Nave Gallery in Somerville, MA, July 15th at 8:00PM as part of the SOUND VISION/VISION SOUND 111 FESTIVAL. John will be giving a solo performance at 4:00PM, July 16th. Check for times and more information. They also will be performing in Baltimore, MD, Aug. 26th at the Shattered Wig Night Cabaret. Check local listings for time and more information.

ARTBEAT, July 16th, Davis Square, Somerville, MA An all day and evening event featuring music, crafts, performances, readings, and food, etc… Somerville ARTBEAT


John Bradley suggests: THE OUTERMOST HOUSE by Henry Beston. Prose poems describing his year on Cape Cod on the outer beach.

Editors picks: A SORROW BEYOND DREAMS by Peter Hanke A wonderful book confronting his Mothers suicide.

LETTERS: SUMMER 1926, BORIS PASTERNAK, MARINA TSVETAYEVA, RAINER MARIA RILKE, preface by Susan Sontag These letters are passionate, beautifully written, and shows the soul of each writer. I absolutely loved this book.


AMERICAN LETTERS & COMMENTARY will be publishing a story by Susan Tepper in Issue 17, coming out in the Fall, called Islands. "It's the story of an unassuming English woman of a certain age, who lives quietly, by herself, in a fictionalized village in the Cotswolds, and how her life is torn apart after a chance meeting with a young teenage girl."  Susan Tepper also has two poems accepted by Poesia. (July Issue)


Loredana Brugnaro will be making a video of interviews at the APSE Conference in Alabama this July. She is sure to come out of this writing poetry of her experiences.


An interview with poet Catherine Sasanov.

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